We offer our club members more favourable conditions for parking during training in Europark parking lots near Golden Club Rotermanni.

Discount on a one-time parking card
Parking at Rotermanni underground parking house. You can validate the parking card at our customer service desk. A validated card will automatically give you a discounted price of  1€/h later in the payment machine (regular price 3€/h).

Discount on a pre-paid parking card
You can purchase a prepaid card for Rotermanni parking house worth 50€, hourly parking price 1€ (regular price 3€/h). First purchase of a prepaid card from a club customer service desk, later you can top it up in the payment machine.

Discount on a monthly card
Zone EP29 – monthly card for 60€ (regular price 90€)
Zone EP42 – monthly card for 63€ (regular price 70€)

The monthly card can be purchased at Golden Club Rotermanni customer service desk.