Golden Club Badminton GCS

Golden Club Badminton GCS unites the owners of the fixed badminton times in Tondi Tennis Centre. Anyone who loves badminton, good playing conditions in a modern high-quality Tondi Tennis Centre and also desires to enjoy other benefits can become a member.

If you want something more than just exercise, feel free to join the Club!

The annual membership fee of GCS is 50€.

GCS club member bonuses:

  • The right to book a fixed time with the Club Member (GCSq) price.
  • The most favourable court price (GCS) for single visits.
  • A personalized offer for court prices for a one-off larger reservation (e.g., a birthday or friends’ tournament, etc.).
  • The right to book tennis and squash courts at the Club Member price (GCT and GCSq).
  • The right to book mini-tennis courts A-E at the Club Member price (GCT).
  • Fitness club Golden Club Lifestyle and Fresh package with a 10% discount.
  • A one-time visit to Golden Club fitness club (group training or gym) 10 € (regular price 15 €).
  • Discounts from other partners of the centre: Sportland Tennis, sports medicine cabinet Innomedica, Shivaya Massage Salon, Reval Cafe (list may be expanded).
  • Personal entry card for the centre.

See the general terms and conditions of the membership agreement.

Additional information and becoming a member:
Mari-Liis Treimut

Client Manager
+372 687 82 93