The main goal of the Golden Club fitness room is to provide you with a perfect training environment, new challenges and a friendly social atmosphere.

Our fitness room is furnished with the devices of the world’s leading manufacturer Life Fitness, which provide a pleasant training experience for those who become acquainted with fitness workouts for the first time, as well as for those for who training in the gym is an everyday habit.

The arrangement of the Life Fitness exercise machines in the spacious gym has been developed on the principle of a journey, allowing you to move from one training zone to another taking into account your athletic development. Such an arrangement creates a perfect workout environment, where everyone feels well. The range of machines is diverse providing opportunities for the beginners as well as for those who expect functionality from fitness room training and want to put themselves to the test.

The Golden Club fitness room has five stationary bikes, one stationary bike with back support, six ellipse cross-trainers, two stepper devices, one cross-stepper and six Flextech Technology treadmills. All cardio equipment is equipped with a TV image and electronic training programs. For rowing, there are three Concept2 rowing machines.

The fitness room has a wide selection of comfortable block devices for training different muscle groups. A separate area is provided for training with free weights separately with squat and deadlift barbell cages. The entire fitness equipment is from Life Fitness ad Hammer Strength brands.

Golden Club gym trainers will welcome you at the entrance to the fitness room and are available in the area at the times that you can find on the timetable.

Feel free to ask us for advice!