Golden Club Tennis GCT

Golden Club Tennis GCT is a program for the loyal customers of FORUS Sports Centres (before Tondi Tennis Centre, Nõmme Tennis Centre and Karulaugu Sports Centre).

Everyone who loves tennis wants to play it regularly and in the best conditions can join GCT.

If you want more than just a workout, feel free to join GCT!

GCT package club members’ annual fee is 165€.

The package includes:

  • The right to book up to 2 hours of fixed time per week with the club member’s (GCT) price.
  • Possibility for priority booking of more than 2 hours of fixed time per week, each subsequent (more than two hours per week) hour of a fixed time for the season 75 € (until 31.08).
  • The most favourable court price (GCT price) also for single visits.
  • A personalized court rate offer for a one-time larger booking (e.g., a birthday or friends’ tournament, etc.).
  • Using badminton and squash courts, as single visits, with badminton and squash club member prices (GCS and GCSq).
  • The right to book mini tennis courts A-E with club members (GCT) price.
  • Discount on fitness club Golden Club Lifestyle and Fresh packages.
  • A one-time visit to the fitness club outside Golden Club package (group exercise or gym) 13€ (regular price 18€)
  • Discounts from other partners of the centre: Sportland Tennis, Sports Medicine Centre Innomedica, Shivaya Massage Salon, Reval Cafe (the list may increase).
  • Regular club tournaments and social tennis events with club members (GCT) prices.
  • Personal pass to the centre.

See the general terms and conditions of the membership agreement.

Additional information and membership:
Mari-Liis Treimut

Client Manager
+372 687 82 93


Recollections from club members’ tournament series Jacob’s Creek GP

Jacob’s Creek GP 1st Season Masters in August 2014

Jacob’s Creek GP Season II Masters in August 2015

Jacob’s Creek GP Season III Masters in August 2016