In FORUS Sports Centre Viimsi, many different sports clubs offer training opportunities for children as well as adults. For further information, please contact the sports club directly.

Sports Clubs


CFC Sports Club

Jaak Mae Ski School and Jaan Kirsipuu Cycling School. We create favourable conditions for sport as a way of spending leisure time. The goal is to provide opportunities for young people, from fun training to serious competitive sports.


Kalev Cycling School

Kalev Cycling School’s training groups are located in the FORUS Sports Centre Viimsi and on the bicycle track in Pirita. In the cycling season (spring, summer and autumn) we mainly ride our bikes and participate in many competitions. During the winter, when the bike season is over, we run, swim, skate, ski, play ball and go to the gym. All school-age girls and boys starting from the age of seven are welcome to practice. Interest in cycling, a bicycle helmet and a mountain bike are enough to come for training.


Basketball Club Viimsi/Estover

Basketball Club Viimsi offers training for children, youngsters and adult achievement or amateur athletes throughout Viimsi, Merivälja and Pirita.


Lindon Sports Club

Lindon Sports Club offers athletics training for children and youngsters. In addition to promoting sports, the club also focuses on creating a supportive environment among the members.


Sports Club Ookami

Ookami Sports Club is a judo school founded in 2008 and currently operates in Viimsi and Keila. Ookami in Japanese means a wolf who is very family-oriented and one of the smartest wild animals. Ookami also aims to be a strong family.

Ookami offers training opportunities for children starting from the age of three. Both girls and boys are welcome to join.


Viimsi Table Tennis Club

Viimsi Table Tennis Club offers training opportunities for beginners and advanced students. Both youngsters and adults are welcome to join.

It’s never too late to start playing table tennis!

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Viimsi Martin Reim Football School

Viimsi Martin Reim Football School was established in 2007 in Viimsi, where over 400 boys and girls, aged 4-21, are currently training. The goal of the football school is to provide the opportunity to practice football, to develop yourself physically and also to spend your free time outside your home, school and kindergarten.