Tennis School

The primary focus of the US Tennis Academy is the children’s tennis school. We have 17 coaches and approximately 500 young players. The aim of different coaches is to focus on different age and skill groups. In group lessons, there are usually 6 or 8 people on the same court. However, in competing groups, the number is 4 or 6. Lessons usually take place on a tennis court but at the same time, it is also possible to develop yourself with workouts focused on full-body conditioning.
The goal of USTA is to offer each student of the tennis school a chance to get some competition experience. Some players regularly attend international tournaments and many take part in GP-series or youth league competitions. Younger students can test their skills at tournaments, where matches are played using red, orange or green dot balls. Nevertheless, there are many of those, who haven’t started their tournament career yet. Competitive aspects play an important role in tennis and it often teaches more than casual lessons. We won’t send anyone to compete against their will but we will definitely give everyone the chance to go if they wish. One opportunity to compete is to take part of USTA’s internal tournaments – series of competitions that got their start in 2016.
Our tennis school provides everyone with the chance to learn, develop and compete but in the end, every player knows best why they stepped onto a court and what they want to achieve. We wish all the best to all of our students!

See you on court!